LVG C.VI Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter Polikarpov I-153 Aviatik C.I RAF Be2f

- Air brakes

Extract from the flight manual

"Airbrakes are used to land on exiguous fields. Operate this device only if you are familiar with the aircraft.

The Sopwith aircraft float a lot, therefore it is required to train on large airfields.

To land, glide down with engine in idle, and at approximatly 50 meters, increase speed by diving, then raise the airbrakes progressively by rotating the wheel drive ( no needs to release the brake on the wheel as it works only to prevent the airbrakes from lowering due to the airflow)

Aircraft vibrates a little at this moment and seems to sink, dive more and pull up when the aircraft is close to the ground, touch tail first. In these conditions, the aircraft should not roll more than 20 meters.

This landing method requires a consequent training, keep in mind that actuating airbrakes reduce aircraft glide in very large proportions."

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