Founded in March 1988, Memorial Flight is dedicated to the preservation and enrichment of the French and European aviation heritage. This is in cooperation with the Musee de l'Air et de l'Espace, Paris, France. Our actions are mainly centred on that particularly rich period in aviation history, World War One, either from a technical or human point of view.

Non-profit-making association, our activities are governed by a Ministry of Defence agreement signed in october 1989

Aeroplanes are either rebuilt or built in a Musee de l'Air owned workshop and great care is taken to ensure that original techniques, materials and engines are used and our workshop has been certificated since February 1999 by the Director General de l'Aviation Civile in France, the equivalent of the CAA. Only by working to this standard will the public gain the right ideas and impressions of the evolution of aviation in the early years.

In order to achieve this it is essential to get the maximum amount of information, such as plans, technical data, spare parts or information from museums across the world and from private collectors and researchers. This is the reason why two branches have been established, one in the UK and one in Germany, who rebuild machines that will later form part of our collection

We have had a cooperation agreement with the Berlin Museum since May 1994 and are member of the British Preservation Council. Our project are helped by the Essone regional council.

The aeroplanes are all registered in France and are to be seen, statically or in flight, at La Ferte Alais, south of Paris.