poste d'equipage Point d'interrogation Point d'interrogation Voisin 10 Ca2 Heinkel 162

- Pilot's compartment: Dieudonné Costes

Engine control:
  • Fuel Pressure gauge.
  • Tachometer.
  • Oil Pressure and temperature gauge.
  • Carburettor temperature indicator.
  • Carburettor air inlet gauge.
  • Radiator coolant temperature(Adjusted by raising or lowering the radiator).
  • Carburettor altitude adjustment.

Flight and Navigation Instruments:
  • Flight controls (Airspeed, Turn and Bank, Vertical axis).
  • Emergency airspeed (anenometer).
  • Gyro attitude indicator (fed by a vacuum generator on the left lower wing).
  • Two altimeters.
  • One Morel Krauss Compass.
  • One ambient air temperature gauge.
  • Maps for the flight.

- Navigator's compartment: Maurice Bellonte

Flight Control and Radio Navigation:
  • One Morel Kraus compass.
  • One Le Prieur Navigraph.
  • One artificial horizon sextant.
  • One marine sextant.
  • Two chronometers (civil).
  • Two Chronometers.
  • Navigation charts.
  • Orthodromic charts (1/1,000,000).
  • Detailed maps.
  • Weather maps.
  • Forecast of wind velocity and clouds according to altitude.
  • Position of ships en route.
  • One special two way radio transmitter A810, powered from a retractable generator on the fuselage.
  • Trailing antenna and reel.
  • Batteries to illuminate instruments at night.
  • Two Jules Richards Barographs.

  • Hand operated fuel pump
  • Dinghy, flares, weather balloons and a large kite to make the raft more conspicuous in case of ditching.