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- Control stick and throttle.

The control stick comes with two throttle handles as found on Albatros and late Fokker versions ; it gives the pilot a better feel throughout the complete travel range ; it also has two separate triggers for the LMG 08/15.

This throttle is typical of the BMW engine. It uses two different handles instead of one for the Mercedes version ; the second handle is used to regulate the fuel admission into the carburator at high altitude.

- Cockpit plaques.

Each constructors had their own cockpit indications.

Here're the differents plaques for:

- Fuel tanks.

Note: Contrary to Fokker DVII's early fuel tanks which had 3 compartments (main fuel, emergency fuel and oil), late models had only 2 compartments: main fuel and emergency, both presurized. The oil tank was moved on the right side of the engine. This change was made after finding out, among other things, that the warm oil was creating condensation in the emergency fuel tank.

A slight departure from the original is the fact that we applied a surface treatment on our tank.