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    Modellers and builders frequently resquest blueprints and sometime complete sets of drawings in order to build one of our aeroplanes. Our blueprints have been painstakingly drafted over the years and for the time being we are unfortunately unable to disclose them.The reasons are multiple:copyrights,costs of production,or simply the lack of official blueprints and drawings.Try this site anyway,you may find what you are looking for.


    All available photographs are on the site (more than 3200 already) not edited on CD,DVD, or paper for the time being, but faced with multiple requests, we are now contemplating the production of DVDs.


    This aeroplane is presently quite popular with modellers and we get lots of requests for blueprints wich we do not have. As a matter of fact we did not build the machine but simply restored it to its original standard ten years ago.

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