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 Albatros D III Oeffag

Memorial-Flight german's branch began few years ago the construction of 2 Albatros DIII Oeffag, a stactic and a flying one.

This project well advanced should arrive in france soon for completion.

Built as all our airplanes in the full respect of technical specifications, original drawings, instruments and engine; this Albatros will be the only one in the world flying with the rare Austro Daimler engine.


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 The restoration

Restoration status: July 2005

The construction of both planes continues in Austria and Germany. The engine is now ready to be fitted to the airframe.

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Lenght: 7.25 m
Wing span: 9 m
Weight: 886 kg
Engine: Austro Daimler 6 Cylinders 225 Hp
Speed: 175 km/h
Endurance: 2 hours
Crew: 1
Armament: 2 Schwarzlose M7/12 machine guns